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Pet Groom Studio owner Vania Velotta believes that a client's relationship with their groomer should be a collaboration -- a partnership -- where both parties are committed to pets' health, happiness, and beauty. In that order. She offers more than beautiful haircuts and excellent care; she's committed to education as well. She's constantly expanding her knowledge and skills and is always happy to share what she's learned with clients who are interested in giving their pets the best life possible.

Vania received her B.A. in Biology from Oberlin College with minors in English and Chemistry. She's studied animal-related subjects from dog training to zoo management. Before beginning her career as a professional groomer in 1996, she worked as a kennel attendant and as a veterinary assistant. She's also been a temporary foster home to hundreds of cats and dogs in her over twenty years as an animal rescuer.

But the best grooming isn't just about loving and working with animals. It's an art form as well. In addition to styling pets, Vania has worked as a professional illustrator and graphic designer, and her photos have been exhibited. With her keen aesthetic eye and steady hand, Vania is uniquely qualified to bring out the best in your pet's style.


Pet Groom Studio is located on Pike Drive in Orange, Ohio. Near the 480/271 split, we're centered between Solon, Bentleyville, Chagrin Falls, Moreland Hills, Woodmere, Beachwood, Highland Hills, Warrensville Heights, Bedford Heights, Oakwood Village, and Glenwillow. For our former clients, it's 5.7 miles due north of K9 Design Dog and Cat Grooming's previous location on Pettibone Road.


Pet grooming works best when there aren't any surprises. To keep our day running smoothly, we ask our clients to follow these guidelines:
» Be on time. Smooth scheduling requires a punctual clientele. Pets more than 20 minutes late may incur a $20 late fee and/or be rescheduled for another day.
» Pick up promptly. To minimize accidents and anxiety, we prefer that pets go home as soon as their groom is finished. We'll call when they're ready for pick-up. For most pets, this will take less than two hours. If this doesn't work with your schedule, let us know when you make your appointment and we'll do our best to accommodate you.
» Alert us of health issues. Please advise us of any medical issues affecting your pet when you make your appointment. Pets with contagious, airborne illnesses will not given an appointment until they've been cleared by a veterinarian. Other issues will be dealt with on a case by case basis.
» Share vaccination history. We do not require copies of shot records, but please tell us if your pet is high-risk because of under-vaccination. Most commonly, this applies to puppies and kittens too young to have finished their initial series, pets with immune disorders, and senior pets. For information on the latest vaccination recommendations, read Dr. Dodd's protocols for Dogs and Cats.
» Watch out for parasites. While it used to be common for groomers to offer flea baths, today parasites are considered a medical -- not a grooming -- issue, so please treat them according to your veterinarian's instructions before making your appointment.
» Be open about behavioral concerns. We specialize in working with difficult pets, so if your pet has a history of aggression, marking, or other challenging behaviors, let us know. If we can find a way to accomodate them, we will.

Maintenance Philosophy

The health and well-being of animals is our first priority. For this reason, we do not advocate or perform dematting on extensively tangled coats. They will be clipped short instead. While we may do light detangling for a first-time client at our discretion, our on-going goal is to maintain your pet's coat in healthy, tangle-free condition. Your pet's ideal haircut length will depend on coat texture, lifestyle, and how well it's maintained between grooming appointments. We're always happy to consult with clients on how to achieve pet style goals.