"Dear Vania.

It's been a while, but I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with your services. Attached is a picture of Goldie, well groomed and showing off her sweatshirt purchased in your shop.


I immediately felt comfortable upon entering K9 design grooming and could tell my dog did too. She went willingly to be groomed and came home beautiful and happy.

I'm so glad to have found you and will continue to share your contact info as I think you are great!"
-- Amy Schuman


Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on Lucy yesterday. This is easily the best grooming she has ever received. She looks great and seems very happy. She was very calm after she left, which is unusual. I can tell you guys were great with her.

Thank you!"
-- David Rothstein


Thank you again for doing such a great job on the boys! I know Eli was a lot of work, but he feels a lot better! They like you very much and I'm sure it's because you're very good to them!"
-- Marilyn




"Just a note to tell you again how pleased I was in Cassie's grooming. She has never looked so good. This will be a regular visit (not 8 yrs.) I can't believe the difference in her. I will recommend your services to all I can. Thank you."
-- Pat James + Cassie


"August 29, 2007

To whom it may concern,

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation. Vania at K9 Design has made my little Bichon Frise's life so much happier. Vania was his sixth groomer in five years. From the time he was a puppy, grooming visits were such an unpleasant/scary experience for Buddy (my skittish, friendly, temperamental Bichon). I tried tranquilizers, having someone come to my home, different groomers, nothing worked. The moment we walked in to the groomers he would start clawing at me to not put him down or hand him over, his fear was heartbreaking. Needless to say, he wasn't a favorite client.

Then we met Vania. From the moment we walked in and I asked if she worked with "difficult" dogs, and she said yes, I felt relief. I told her that all the other groomers muzzled him and that he would snap at them (I felt the need to warn her). Imagine my surprise when I came to pick him up and he was happy, calm and beautifully groomed. The change in Buddy is unbelievable. He hears her name and is ready to go (which is every four weeks). Vania has never muzzled him. She was surprised to hear my horror stories (that the other groomers shared with me) about his behavior. She actually likes working with him!!!

Her calm demeanor and love of animals is evident from the moment we walk in the door. It's so pleasant for me to walk in, hand him over and have him happy to stay. I can't imagine what we would do without her. She's made both our lives happier!"
-- Lori Dunford

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